hebrew art

Welcome to HebrewArt.com, the online art gallery of Judaica artist Adam Rhine. Since 1999, I have created ornate, highly detailed Judaic paintings in watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylic. Each work is crafted to glorify the infinite nobility of the Lord and visually bring forth His energy within different combinations and intricate patterns.

My works have been featured annually in the Hebrew Illuminations Wall Calendar, the first edition having been published in 2004. This year's edition is the #1 Jewish wall calendar on Amazon.com. Forty-four of my paintings are collected together in the Hebrew Illuminations hardcover art book, also available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon.

I am also a featured artist on Ketubah.com, the largest manufacturer of Jewish wedding contracts in North America. Over 40 of my designs are available as Ketubot for newlywed couples. For commissioned, original Ketubot paintings, get the details here.