Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

Tal - Hand Painted Judaica Needlepoint Canvas
"The Dew"
13" x 10" - 13 Mesh (AR 103)

"Dew - let it drop sweetly on the blessed land, with the delicacies of heaven sate us with blessing, to enlighten us from amid the darkness..." (Traditional Prayer for Dew)

The word "Tal" means "Dew" in Hebrew. On the first day of Pesach (Passover), a springtime Holy Festival, Jews pray to G-d for dew. The droplets found every morning represent rejuvination and rebirth, and remind us of Creation. It is also equally as important to never take any blessings for granted however small, like the dew on the ground each morning.

For purchase information on this painting adapted to needlepoint canvas: 13" x 10" - 13 (AR 103), please contact:

Pamela Rishfeld
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