Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

Neshamah - Hand Painted Judaica Needlepoint Canvas
"The Jewish Soul"
13" x 11" - 13 Mesh (AR 108)

"Halleluyah! Praise G-d, O my soul! I will praise G-d while I live, I will make music to my G-d while I exist..." (Psalm 150)

"Neshamah" means "soul" in Hebrew, specifically the part of the soul bestowed upon humans, enabling us to reach and grow closer to G-d than the other living creatures on the earth.

The Mitzvot (Commandments), as described in the Torah by G-d, are the behaviors by which our neshamah can become holier here in this world, and merit our place in Olam HaBa, The World to Come.

For purchase information on this painting adapted to needlepoint canvas: 13" x 11" - 13 Mesh (AR 108), please contact:

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