Sukkot - The Festival of Booths
Sukkot - by Adam Rhine
Acrylic, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil on Arches Watercolor Paper

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You shall celebrate it as a festival for Hashem, a seven day period in the year, an eternal decree for your generations... You shall dwell in booths for a seven day period, every native in Israel... So that your generations will know that I caused the Children of Israel to dwell in booths when I took them from the land of Egypt, I am Hashem, your G-d. Vayikra/Leviticus 23:41-43

The word sukkot means “booths,” and refers to the temporary dwellings that we are commanded to live in during this holy festival. While inside, we recall the period of the Nation of Israel wandering during their exodus from bondage in Egypt.

Durring the festival of Sukkot, we take the Four Species (arba minim) and wave them in six directions (east, south, west, north, up, and down). This symbolizes the fact that G-d is everywhere.