Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

Aharon - Aaron
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper

"G-d said to Moshe, 'See, I have made you a master over Pharaoh, and Aaron your brother shall be your spokesman. You shall speak everything I shall command you, and Aaron your brother shall speak to Pharaoh, that he should send the Children of Israel from his land.''" (Shemot/Exodus 7:1-2)

Aaron, the older brother of Moshe, was assigned by G-d to speak on moshe’s behalf. He assisted in initiating many of the miracles that freed the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage and saw them through the 40 years in the wilderness. He became the first Kohen Gadol (high priest), and his descendants remain the priest class to this day.

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