Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

Ketubah Design - Sephardic Ani L'Dodi, v'Dodi LilAdam Rhine is a featured artist on Ketubah.com, the largest distributor of Ketubot in North America. Over 40 of his designs in several different styles are available right now for your upcoming wedding.

Above is the brand new "Sephardic Ani L'Dodi, v'Dodi Li" painting, originally completed as a private commission. It is now listed on Ketubah.com as a customizable giclee print.

If you're interested in an original, private Ketubah commission that will make your Simcha unique and more meaningful, contact the artist for scheduling and prices.

Ketubah Design - Chalom Ani L'Dodi, v'Dodi Lil Ketubah Design - Chalom Ahava Ketubah Design - Chalom Tikkun Olam

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