Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

All original designs by Adam Rhine are available to you under an individual, one-time licensing arrangement. What does that exactly mean? Click on the invitation that you'd like to use for your upcoming Simcha and read about the simple steps and fast turn-around. Email the artist if you have any questions.

Invitation Design - Avraham Invitation Design - Rachel Invitation Design - Ya'akov

The Hebrew Name Invitation Series

The names of all three Patriarchs and four Matriarchs of the Jewish people are captured in stained-glass like imagery both on the left side, as well as subtly ghosted behind your invitation's text. If your child or grandchild shares a name with one of the seven, these would be a perfect match!

Invitation Design - Chalom Aleph Invitation Design - Chalom Beit Invitation  Design - Chalom Gimel

The Chalom (Dream) Invitation Series

Swirling shapes of spectacular colors form dream-like Hebrew letters that add a spiritual impact to the invitation. Announce your Simcha with a very unique and exciting design.

Invitation Design - First Light Invitation Design - Jewels Invitation Design - Hoshanah

The Illumination Invitation Series

Frame your invitation text with Adam Rhine's powerful illuminations that have appeared in best-selling calendars for the past seven years, and a hardcover art book sold in all major bookstores across the country.

Invitation Design - Illuminated Aleph Invitation Design - Illuminated Beit Invitation Design - Illuminated Gimel

The Illuminated Letters Invitation Series

Medieval illuminated manuscript inspired Hebrew letters lead into your invitation, bringing a classic Jewish look to the announcement of the upcoming Simcha.

Wedding Invitation Design - Ani L'Dodi Wedding Invitation Design - Ani L'Dodi Wedding Invitation Design - Ahava

Judaica Wedding Invitations

Unlike any others, these beautiful and romantic Judaica designs will be noticed by all who receive these invitations. Make a memorable statement that you'll remember fondly throughout your marriage.