Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

Illuminated Letter Tzadhe
Hebrew Illuminated Letter
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper

"Righteous are You in all Your ways, and merciful in all Your deeds." (Psalm 145:17)

Tzadhe, the eighteenth letter, represents the “Tzadikim” or “Righteous Ones.” These are people who are elevated spiritually by their following of the commandments and their model behavior such as Abraham and Moses. They both led by example, and gained enlightenment by their faith in G-d.

The bent shape of the letter tzadhe shows how the righteous humble themselves before G-d, knowing from Whom their abilities and spirituality derive.

“Tzadakah,” the Hebrew word for “charity,” begins with a tzadhe. Giving generously to those in need - family, neighbors, and the greater community, is considered righteous behavior. It is important to uplift the fallen in the eyes of G-d, and we grow closer to Him by doing so.

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