Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

Illuminated Letter Shin
Hebrew Illuminated Letter
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper

"The Lord protects all who love Him, but all the wicked He will destroy." (Psalm 145:20)

The three yud-shaped tips of the letter shin all reach heavenward, asking for G-d’s divine blessings. “Shalom” starting with the letter shin, means “peace” in this world. “Shabbat,” the Sabbath day, is a day of rest and holiness at the end of the secular week, is a gift from
G-d to the Jewish people for accepting His Torah. Shin also begins the word “shofar” which is the ram’s horn that is sounded at Rosh Hashanah, and at the end of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

The shape of the letter shin also reminds us of the three patriarchs, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, who rose above their contemporaries in spirit, character, and courage.

Original: Not Available