Private Commissions

“Sephardic Ani L'Dodi”
A commissioned original Ketubah (Jewish wedding
contract) for a couple in New Hampshire

I am accepting commissions for customized Ketubot (Jewish wedding contracts) and Judaica fine art paintings in any of the styles seen here on my website.

Pricing is dependent on the style chosen, whether or not I do the calligraphy (for Ketubot), and the size of the final work. Email me to discuss payment plans and an estimated timeline for completion of the work.

Commissions follow a four step process, each a milestone where I have the patron review the progress and sign off with his/her approval.

Stage One: I discuss the project with my patron to get a sense of their aesthetics and tastes. If any of my existing works or Ketubot stands out to him/her as ideal, that helps me greatly in focusing my energies on achieving that look for the new painting.

“Chalom Ani L'Dodi”
I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine
A commissioned original painting for a private collection

I will then create up to five loose black and white pencil sketches of brand new designs based on that artistic direction. Those will be reviewed with the patron to determine if any are getting close, or have hit, the mark. A second round of three b&w sketches may be done at this point to hone the image until the sketch is approved.

Stage Two: I take the loose sketch and create a full-size tight and carefully measured b&w line drawing to the size and aspect ratio of the final work. This production-quality line drawing is then sent back to the patron for review and sign-off.

Stage Three: I discuss color choices with the patron and, if requested, can send swatches of the paint I use via mail so the actual paint-on-paper can be evaluated. Once chosen, I render up to three loose color sketches on top of the finalized line drawing to establish a general palette and color balance. Scans of those color comps are emailed to the patron for review, and one more sketch may be done based on feedback. Please note that for the “Chalom” style, color sketches may not match the final work since the wet-into-wet watercolor technique is inherently random in how the pigment mixes and dries during the painting process.

Stage Four: After the design and color comps are finalized and accepted, I begin the final work on the final surface (paper, board, or canvas). I will send digital photos of my progress. Upon completion of the finished work, a high-resolution scan will be sent to the patron for the final evaluation and sign-off. The work is then packed and shipped via Fed-Ex to the patron with a tracking number. Shipping options will be discussed ahead of time, as will the related costs.

For Ketubot, I am not responsible for spelling errors in Hebrew or English after the final sign-off. The newlywed couple, or relative commissioning the Ketubah must supply me with already-proofread text (preferably by a Rabbinical authority) and will have the opportunity to carefully review my handwritten calligraphy *before* I ship the painting.