Hebrew Art - The Judaica Art of Adam Rhine

Chalom Lamed
"Chalom Lamed"
Hebrew (Dream) Letter
Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper

"To make known to all mankind, Your mighty deeds, and the splendor and the splendor of Your glorious kingdom." (Psalm 145:12)

Lamed is the tallest letter in the alphabet, demonstrat-ing how one can be earthbound, yet constantly aspire to do uplifting deeds above the norm. Kindness, charity, and caring for those in need are based in the physical, yet increase ones holiness and closeness with G-d.

The letter's numerical value is thirty, an age where it is said in the Midrash (Talmud) that when reached, a person can begin influencing the world. Prior to that, a person is preparing themselves by building knowledge and character.

"Chalom" in Hebrew means "Dreams," like that of Yakkov Aveinu (Jacob our Father) who dreamt of angels traveling up and down a ladder between heaven and earth. The gestural qualities of these paintings explore the dreamlike spiritual qualities of the Hebrew letters.

Original: Not Available